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First Impressions Matter!

In today's world, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and this is especially true when you're trying to sell a home.  Most buyers start their search online looking at photos, and the initial presentation of your property can make or break a sale.  Professional photos are essential to not only selling your home, but they can also help sell a home faster and for a higher amount!  As a professional photographer, I can help sell your home!

How can I help? 


As a photographer, I personally do all of my shooting and editing which means the highest satisfaction for my realtors and clients.  Here are some other amenities that I offer:

-Flexibility.  I am available when it is convenient for you and your homeowners including evenings and weekends.  Short notice is no problem.

-Delivery within 24 hours, usually sooner.  Time is money and I know how important it is for your listings to be completed and ready for publishing.

-Customized file names.  Ever need to search for a specific photo, but it's not distinguishable from the bazillion other arbitrarily numbered photo files?  I customize photo file names to each property, making retrieval and referral easy!

-Galleries.  I provide each property with a gallery convenient for  viewing, sharing, and downloading.  Downloading is available in two sizes:high-resolution (for print listings) and web-size (for internet display);  you have access to both for the same price.

-Flash technique.  I use a technique with different flashes to create a natural look that brings warmth to spaces.  I do not do gun-and-run where ceilings are bright and the rest of the room is dark; I take the time to light rooms evenly to best showcase their features.

-Post-processing.  Sometimes conditions are not ideal for photographs and I want your images to be appealing and eye-catching.  Your photos will be edited to have straight vertical lines; blue skies in main exterior shots; and personal, identifying photos will be blurred or removed from interiors when applicable.   Minor retouching may also be applied when it does not interfere with the integrity of the space (i.e. fixing scratched furniture, removing refrigerator magnets, virtually vacuuming a carpet...).

-Special Requests.  Need something special?  Just ask, and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

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